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2013 - 2014


World Vision Kenya


Attitude and behaviour change on waste management for children in urban areas project, initiative by JIP. Part of the Soweto area development programme, Nairobi. To set up an environmental education for sustainable development: Improved awareness, attitude and best practice on waste management among primary schools; improved environmental practices within schools, households and communities levels in the pilot areas.


Research on the gap analysis of the current primary schools based curriculum on environmental management on how they address waste management. Development of a simplified training manual for schoolchildren on waste management with Ministry of Education and National Environment Management Authority among other stakeholders. Publishing and dissemination of the approved training manual. Selection of school to partner with in project implementation and supporting the establishment of environmental clubs. Holding forums with each schools environmental club and the teachers with a focus on promoting sensitization on positive waste management practices.

JIP’s contribution to the project

The project was an initiative and donated by JIP in partnership with World Vision Kenya.

End of Project Report

The project made successes in supporting targets schools to strengthen waste management structures that have set the ball rolling towards influencing positive practices of not only the children but also the neighboring community. With sustained support of these initiatives, the momentum is expected to be felt eventually in the entire urban society.
The project has also been successful in encouraging individual responsibility on waste management including disposal of wastes, highlighting the consequences of poor waste management like outbreak of diseases and also in developing a sense of ownership for the children to take charge of their environment as they grow up.

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